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Mosaic Natural Health Dispensary

We are proud to provide an extensive, on-site dispensary for our patients. The practitioners at Mosaic Natural Health Clinic research and make available a wide variety of nutritional supplements, natural medicines, western and Chinese herbal medicines, books and health products. We take great care to assure that the supplements in our dispensary are of the highest quality and are free from undesirable ingredients such as allergens, fillers or contaminants.

The Mosaic Natural Health Dispensary also hosts the Heron Botanicals Herbal Dispensary. Heron Botanicals is one of the premier makers of herbal extracts in North America. All of the extracts are handmade on the Olympic peninsula. Herbs used are organic, and whenever possible grown right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Supplements, natural products and custom herb blends may be purchased and refilled at the clinic. Please note that these companies are entirely separate business entities from your practitioners. You will need to pay for products purchased from the dispensary separately from any fees paid to your practitioners for your visit.